Energy Efficient Light Bulb Compliance Suggestions

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In 2007, Congress passed an energy act that required new energy-efficient standards for basic light bulbs. Standard incandescent bulbs are being phased out and eventually will be unavailable.  Read the EPA Standards Here  .



The alternative bulbs differ considerably in price. LED bulbs are the most efficient but they also cost the most. CFLs are a less expensive alternative.  Interestingly, the more expensive replacements offer lower operating costs and longer economic life.


One approach will be to inventory the different types and quantities of light bulbs you need in your home. Then, research either online or a big box store to find out what each type of bulb costs. This information will give you a total budget for converting your lighting.   Be ready to be scared!  Unbelievable what light bulbs cost.  

It could be a significant expense to replace all the bulbs in a home at one time, especially when most of the bulbs still work. That’s where a plan might make sense.  


Replace the bulbs in the rooms where the lights are used the most such as kitchen, family rooms and bathrooms. There may be other “rooms” where the lights are used frequently like certain hallways or stairs. Outside flood lights for security purposes may be a large energy consumption.   We started with the outside flood lights that run all the time in the dark.  

Bulbs can vary in light output measured in lumens as well as color of light from warm white to bright white and daylight. The lighting label required by the Federal Trade Commission on all packaging will help you determine which will give you the most bang for your buck.

My other piece of advice for you on the new lightbulbs is be careful that you don't buy the ones with mercury in them.  I was shocked to hear that we had gone back to light bulbs with Mercury.  If you do be careful!  

Thankfully the guys at Home Depot have been very helpful.  Heres you a checklist to get started.  Hope it helps!


 lighting checklist